How to Take Care of a Golden Retriever

For those of you who want to raise a Golden Retriever dog, we will provide a variety of methods of treatment by appropriate. Here are the daily primary cares of Golden Retriever dogs you have to provide as an owner.

–    Feeding

To care for the golden retriever, you also must consider the best kind of food that is good for her. Moreover, because of that, a Golden Retriever has long hair, active and energetic you also have to pay attention to proper nutrition and balanced on his food. The food was well used to a Golden Retriever is packed dog food containing nutrients that can be customised to the needs of your dog.

To maintain the beauty of the dog hair, generally, you need to use the food with proper nutrition content as well as vitamin E. Because the function in foods containing vitamin E is to always stimulate hair growth of the Golden Retriever dog better and also can keep the loss on the dog’s coat. More than that, you should be aware of loss that often occurs in your dog does not use food discount excessive salt content. Because this will lead to fatal loss of the dog’s fur.

–    Bathing the dog

Because a Golden Retriever is a long-haired dog, you should also pay more attention to the condition of fur on his body. Because the longer the dog fur is generally easier dirty and too prone to parasites or harmful bacteria. We recommend that if you have a long-haired dog is sweet, bathe him once a week.

In bathing the dog, it is advised to use a special shampoo for the treatment of fur. Apart from that also do not forget to use a mat that is not slippery and the water temperature is not too panic when bathing him. If the bath is finished, dry hair is the last process in washing the dog. You should use a towel that has high absorption so you can be easier to dry their feathers. More than that, you can also use a hair dryer to ensure that the fur is completely dry hair while combing your pet dog. Be sure also to set the temperature at the proper temperature.