Would you like to vacation together with family or friends to Singapore? We also encourage you to visit our website and get a tiket universal studios singapura promo. Not to be complete your trip to Singapore if you have yet to visit Universal Studios.

Here are some tips that you can use if you visit there:

– Spare your time
With 7 zones and more than 20 attractions, Universal Studios Singapore will be consumed us all day. Not to mention if you really like the first vehicle and want to play more than once. Certainly can be more than 5-6 hours.

– Always check the schedule
All performances and photo session at Universal Studios Singapore has a schedule. Performances such as Monster Rock, or want a photo with Minions, are all indications of time and place, so you should always check the schedule so as not to miss.

– Bring Change Clothes
That’s because in Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure, there is a chances are you’ll get soaked. And if bad luck, you can get wet can until the entire body even up underwear.