To understand the importance of going to the dentist, the explanation presented by the Dentist Redwood City  Dentist Redwood City will be below.

Preventive care, which stressed the importance of education about dental and routine examinations, has been a key factor to prevent pain and tooth loss. Nevertheless, many people do not like going to the dentist. There is no dental care because they do not care and some other are more worried about the costs. Still, others are afraid. Whatever you feel, these questions should be asked: What can the dentist do for me? Is there any point in going to the dentist?
The dentist can prevent suffering due to pain and tooth loss. With cooperation on your part, dentists attempt to stop the effects caused by the plaque, a thin layer of bacteria attached to your teeth. Bacteria live on food particles and turn sugar contained in the food into acids that make the tooth enamel to porous. Eventually, caries, or tooth decay, occurs when it becomes part of the porous holes. At this stage, you do not feel sick, but when the decay reaches the pulp cavity at the centre of the tooth, part of it will be very painful.