There are so many incidents and cases of personal injury that have happened every year. The injury cases are vary as well, starts from
a simple bike accident that caused a broken leg, to a catastrophic car accident that could change the victim’s life and appearance for the rest of his or her life. No matter how small or big your injury is, justice still needs to be enforced. When someone is causing you some injury or the untimely death of your beloved ones, you need to hire the personal injury lawyer just like David Hameroff. He is the best personal injury lawyer in Tucson with more than 27 years of experience.

There are a lot of cases that will need to be solved by the help of a lawyer. Here are the cases when you have to call a lawyer:

1. Accidents & Injuries

It’s obvious that losing the loved ones just because of a driver who is texting while driving is ironic, saddening, and also devastating. Not only that, the distracted driver needs to be locked behind the bars, you also need to be compensated as well. All injury victims deserve justice. Even a slippery floor in a mall or cafe without the wet floor sign could cause brain concussion if you’ve got slipped.

2. Bike accidents

Bike accidents could be one of the most dangerous accidents. It’s not like a car accident which is the body of the victim will be protected by the seat belt and airbag. In bike accidents, the victim could crash onto the ground directly at high speed.

3. Dog bites

Although a small puppy will never cause a severe injury, the guard dogs that haven’t properly trained could cause someone to lose his life. If someone’s dog is causing you a severe injury, you can sue the owner.

4. Drunk driver

If you’ve got hit by a drunk driver’s car, you can sue the driver and the bar or restaurant that allows the drunk customers to drive as well.

5. Fire & Burn Injuries

When you’re eating in a restaurant and accident happens, if you’ve got a fire or burn injury, you can sue the owner of the restaurant to get a compensation.