Nerves are part of the body that are difficult seen by naked eye because it often suffered nerve damage detected too late. Peripheral nerve damage can affect anyone with a variety of types and can be caused by various causes. The following will be reviewed regarding some of the symptoms at the time of the peripheral nerves (neuropathy) were damaged. Some of the symptoms of peripheral nerve damage which comprises are pain that causes discomfort as a result of this pain can affect the quality of life, numbness, a phenomenon where someone absolutely cannot feel anything, cramps that most often affects the feet, bone stiffness, tingling often an early symptom of a nervous breakdown (but required further examination to determine neurological disorders occur in any part), burning sensation and hypersensitive skin, shiny skins and weakness to the limbs. Who have a higher risk of neuropathy are people who are elderly. With the increasing age, a neural system often declines. Degeneration in the elderly tends to be more dominant than the regeneration.

One of the measures to prevent neuropathy is to take a vitamin B1, B6, and B12. Besides the consumption of a balanced diet rich in vitamins A, B, and C are also good to eat. That is why you need to check out NerveRenew at, to make sure that you get the vitamins that your body needed because these particular nerve pain supplements are rich in ingredients that your body needs to overcome the Neuropathy problem that you suffer. Diabetes, neuropathy family history, smoking, hypertension, cancer, alcohol consumption, certain infectious diseases, exposure to chemicals, cardiovascular disease, and taking certain types of drugs can also lead to damage to the peripheral nerves. Neuropathy has many types that can be distinguished on the cause. The types of neuropathy include neuropathy due to diabetes, neuropathy due to vitamin B deficiency, neuropathy due to ageing and most often affects young people aged neuropathy due to entrapment and trauma.